Breakthrough therapeutic lasers to treat life’s aches and pains.

Introducing the LumaCare Duo™ — the new standard in Cold Laser   therapies — a solution designed for mature adults, active lifestyle adults, and the healthcare professionals that serve them.

Over 50 years of Cold Laser options

For over five decades, scientists, technologists and the healthcare industry have known that concentrated dosages of pulsating, low-power Cold Laser  therapies can help alleviate or reduce pain and shorten/improve the healing process for minor, traumatic and chronic injuries. In fact, millions of patients have found improved outcomes as a result of such Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) treatments.

Pulsating lasers across 3 wavelengths

Across thousands of peer-reviewed articles, studies and reports a clear approach has emerged supporting the benefits of using pulsing versus continuous lasers for most LLLT treatments. Additionally, the visible Red and invisible Infrared wavelengths providing the best patient outcomes have been found in three bandwidths: from 650—675 nanometers (nm), from 800—825nm, and from 900—925nm.

A fresh approach = an innovative new solution

After serving in the industrial, medical and commercial laser industry for over 30 years, we realized that there were several critical steps that would lead to a new type of Cold Laser  system — one designed to maximize treatment protocols and improve patient outcomes. Hence, the birth of a disruptive new company, LumaCare™, as well as the introduction of a breakthrough therapeutic laser system: the LumaCare Duo™.

Two heads are better than one

Unlike other LLLT devices, the patent pending design of the handheld, wireless and rechargeable LumaCare Duo utilizes not one but two rotating emitter heads positioned at opposite ends of two dually jointed arms, delivering nearly 180 degrees of motion. As a result, the LumaCare Duo presents the ability to treat an injury zone from two Cold Laser  emitter heads simultaneously: from opposing directions, from different angles or on the same plane. And naturally, a single emitter head can also be used if desired.

30 Diodes/LEDs at 905nm, 808nm and 670nm

Each LumaCare Duo features 15 Infrared and Red emitters: four at 905nm (for deep tissue/joint treatments), six at 808nm (for medium depth treatments), and five at 670nm for surface/skin-level treatments). Cold Laser  regimens with the LumaCare Duo are designed to help improve patient blood flow, boost oxygenation, reduce inflammation and pain, and enhance cellular recovery for traumatic and chronic injuries.

Current LumaCare Duo status

As of today, the LumaCare Duo is in the latter stages of review by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, with 510K Clearance anticipated by LumaCare in early 2020. As a result, the LumaCare Duo is not available for purchase or resale at this time.

For more information

However, fully functioning LumaCare Duo units are available now for evaluation purposes by healthcare professionals, credentialed journalists, and other qualified individuals and organizations. For more information, please contact LumaCare at 801-924-8791 or via email at Additional information about the LumaCare Duo is on its Data Sheet.